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[10 Aug 2007|01:13am]
hes the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
the only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star...


[26 Feb 2006|05:23pm]
fuckabees.Collapse )


[20 Jun 2005|05:12pm]
livejournal sucks ass. Im out.


xangas are cooler.



[13 Jun 2005|06:16pm]
WAIT! I GAVE YOU THE WRONG LINK!!!!! click the one below!!!


thats the right link!



[13 Jun 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay well today was a cool day but if you want to know what happened you have to read my Xanga, I think I'm gonna use that more than this dumb thing. Xangas are cooler. Way. WAY more rad. Livejournals are kinda bogus now.


thats my new xanga. go there.



I love this song to death. [13 Jun 2005|01:19am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Its not over 'til you're undergroundCollapse )</strong>

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You've got guts to spill but no ones trustworthy... [13 Jun 2005|12:20am]
[ mood | calm ]

Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of usCollapse )

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[12 Jun 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | affectionate ]

Just thought I'd let everyone know that Senses Fail has A new Video. I have that CD. Let it Enfold you. Ahh yes.

kay bye.

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I never cared how I dressed before but I cared that night...<3 [12 Jun 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | Butterflies... ]

Wow.  Yesterday and today were a hoot. I went to KT's at about 4:00 and her parents dragged us to the art fair. It was pretty lame. We bought lemonade from some pot smoking crack heads inside of a giant lemon building. Then we made a song about the art fair. YOU CAN BUY A DREAM CATCHER FROM A LADY NAMED FLETCHER! AT THE ART FAIR! YOU CAN BUY OVER PRICED CRAP YOUR GRANDMA CAN MAKE FOR FREE! AT THE ART FAIR! it was comical. Then we left and went to famous daves and KT found this really ugly guy attractive, and also she got a burger and she was obsessing over it she was like OMG THIS IS THE BEST BURGER EVER!!!! It was hilarious.We counted the times she talked about that burger. Then there was this dude that looked like the Kings of Leon Drummer with a perm. After that we went back to KTs house and we hung out. We stayed in her room for a while and socialized then we went outside and we played basketball and talked in the dark about people we love and about a certain frog and KT and I resolved a lot and realized everything was cool. Just Brotherly love. Anyways,  after that we went back inside and hung out and drank pop and twizzlers and talked and stuff.. Then we got tired so we went to bed. In the morning we woke up and decided to put up her 3 foot deep pool. Its rad. Its been filling up all day. Its still not done. It took us a while to set it up, but we got it eventually. Anyways, after like 5 hours of waiting, Margie came over and we all hung out. The pool wasn't getting anywhere so we decided to walk to margies house and go on her trampoline. Being Margies house isnt even a block away we did. We got there and we jumped and then we decided to go under the trampoline and be dumb. I also carved a very important message slash persons name in her tree. Sigh. Then her sister came out and was harrasing us so we went inside and played ddr. We ate a popcicles, listened to Green Day, and I tickled slash pantsed KT. On our way back to her house for Burgers, I pantsed KT in the middle of a busy road like 20 times. It was quite comical. Then when we got back to KT's house, The pool got a little better so we sat in there and socialized. It was cool. We ate burgers and chips and made wishes from those weird flower things. Then we like fought each other with Pool Noodles and like an inflatable whale. It was cool. We all froze to death when the sun started to go down so we went inside to chill but her mom said she would take us home. So she took us home. When I got home, My mom was like here i bought you something! she bought me a shirt that said tattoo your body, tattoo your soul. Its rad! My mom said I look like a motorcycle mama with it on. Lol its rad though. She also bought me a duffle bag cause I really need one. Anyways, I cant stop thinking about Flamingo. I love him.





Question- Whats your favorite season and why?


Pressing hard against my jeans your tongue in my mouth. [11 Jun 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | In love! <3 ]


1). Spiders

2). Puke

3). Car washes 



1). IKT

2). Margie

3). Joe



1). Music

2). Movies

3). Flamingo



1). school

2). Vomit

3). posers



1). Hanson

2). Math

3). Space



1). pictures

2). Money

3). cds



1). This survey

2). Talking to friends

3). Thinking <3



1). Get married

2). Have kids

3). Travel the world



1). Play DDR

2). Part of the Napoleon Dance

3). Whistle loudly



1). Funny

2). Rad

3). Weird



1). rown hair

2). Brown eyes

3). Average height



1). Cook

2). Drive

3). Math



1). Pasta

2). Gummy Bears

3). Pizza



1). Water

2). Coke

3). lemonade



1). The sandlot

2). All dogs go to heaven

3). Matilda



1). Like

2). Bogus and Rad I say equally

3). Dude


Question- What were 3 movies you watched and loved as a kid?

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now that Im in <3 w/you i can do as i please i can swim the deepest ocean & climb the highest trees! [11 Jun 2005|01:45am]
[ mood | poetic. ]

Okay. Well today was ehhh. I was at my grandmas for half of the day and I tried to talk to Jay on the phone, but My grandma was very clearly pmsing so she was like GET OFF THE PHONE! the whole time. My grandpa was really crabby too. They screamed at me for turning the god damn fan on! I was like wtf!? I wanted to go home so bad. Finally when it was time to go, they dropped me off at my house and cousin Janelle was there and I took a shower and got ready for LeRoys party. We left after about an hour and then when we got to the party, I kept talking like Clarence from wonder showzen <3 and karly thought it was hilarious. I ate some cake and I didnt swim in aunt donnas pool because I didnt feel like it, so i went and watched Wildboyz <3 in Earls room. After that whole party, We went and got slurpees and stuff. Yay. Then I came home and Talked to KT and Margie and Jay for like 5 minutes online. KT, Margie and I were discussing romance and who we loved and everything. KT and I were both feeling poetic so we wrote a bunch of sappy romantic love poems and songs and shared them with each other. I've been thinking about how much I love him. He means everything to me. Sigh. Anyways, tomorrow, well really later on today, since it is tomorrow now, I fin to go to KTs and swim and Tan and socialize about love the whole time. Sounds like a hoot! <3 Its always a blast at her house.

I think Im going to go write more songs about things and people... yeah

please comment.

Question- Who would I make a good couple with?

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I promise I'll be there <3 [10 Jun 2005|12:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night, I didnt get to bed until like 4:45. I was up late talking to about 2 people and I was to entrigued by the conversations to stop talking. When I went to bed I couldnt stop thinking about someone (sigh) and then After about 15 minutes of thinking, I fell asleep cuddling my pillow. I woke up today at about 10:00 and I watched Good Burger and half of 50 first dates. I love those movies. My grandma made me clean part of the house, and my grandpa made me pancakes. I wasnt really hungry, so I didnt eat much of them. Today all I am doing is staying at my grandparents house until like 4? yeah and then Im going back to my house and my cousin Janelle is coming over to watch me and the kids. I dont really need to be watched, but my brother and sister do and i dont feel like watching them, plus I cant watch them all by myself for 2 days. Anyways, I plan to talk on the ohone alot today, and be online a lot too. I have A birthday party to go to sometime today, I believe its LeRoys birthday, hes a friend of the family and his family goes camping with us. I dont even know if I was invited, I think my grandma is just taking me along...Anyways, I plan to spend the night at KT's tomorrow and then perhaps go shopping and stuff.

If you comment, I'll give you a hug. <3


a loaded god complex cock it and pull it [09 Jun 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Today was okay. I've been at my grandmas since six in the morning, since my parents are in vegas right now. I slept until like noon and then we went to mcdonalds and then we went swimming at my aunts house. It was pretty boring. Then we rented movies and I got 50 first dates and Good Burger. Both movies I have seen before and love. Then we went back to her house and got pizza after like an hour. I talked to Jay on the phone and we talked about that Cow bell thing with Will Ferrel and the blue oyster cult. Fun. Ive had a gurgly stomach all day and i dont know why. psh. Anyways, After like a while of doing nothing, it was time to put the babies in bed. They wouldnt fall asleep so my grandma and I took them for a ride while my grandpa stayed and watched national treasure. We drove by Meijers and I begged her to give me money to buy the spill canvas cd. She did after like 5 times of asking her. They didnt have that cd so i bought the fall out boy cd instead. Its good!<333 Yes the lines were crazy there. It was only like 10:30 and they had 2 lines open and tons of people in each. Both of the lines had like dead people working the register so it took them like 5 fuckin hours to ask the people if they had any coupons. I was like OMG HURRY UP! really loud in the line and I dont think they even heard me. psh anyways here i am enjoying the fall out boy cd.

please comment and make my stomach ache go away.
i love flamingos.


i love flamingos haha [09 Jun 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me...Collapse )

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[09 Jun 2005|12:26pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Jay wanted this update to be about him so it will be.

Jay Dee Blackwell- Dude, you rock! I remember we instantly became good friends as soon as we were introduced. I remember I asked you, "Do you like good charlotte?" and you replied, "Yeah there okay." We frequently talked about bands and a bunch of other things. I secretly liked you and Dustyn Sepos said you did too. When 8th grade came around after the summer, I was surprised to see you at school, since you said you were moving over the summer. I ended up really liking you and I had the biggest crush on you. We talked all the time and our friendship grew. Eventually, people started to tell you how much I liked you and everything and we wrote notes to each other and then you started to call me. We eventually went out and it made me so happy being that I liked you for forever. We went out for two weeks and then you started to like other people so we broke up. It broke my heart, but I wanted you to be happy. Were still extremely good friends and I know we will be forever. I love you!


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A true love lasts a lifetime. [08 Jun 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | AHHHHHH!!! ]

OMG. Today was like the best day Ive had in like 3 years. It was the last day of school and it was pretty rad. We didnt do anything the whole day. I listened to MCR and a bunch of other stuff and watched a shit load of movies. At the end of the day they showed the slide show thing and I looked hott in that one picture. My hair was all long. Rad. I rode the bus home with Margie. We sat in her room and discussed random stupid stuff and ate popcicles and looked at pictures. KT came over and then we played DDR. Margie was amazed by my DDR skills. Im only on standard psh. Anyways after she left Margie and I called Adam to see if he wanted to go to the mall and he said yes. So we went and met him there and to our surprise, Jared was there too. We looked at a bunch of video games and then decided to leave. Then we went to target and had random sword fights with pieces of cardboard cut out to look like hand held ps2 things. Jared like got evil looks from some old lady so we walked away. We also played with Nurf guns, and once again Adam put boas on and had a pink purse. Jared did it too. We took pictures of them on margies camera phone and it was cool. Then Jared and Adam were like playing drums and then we played with little kids toys. After that we sat underneath those gazebo things for like 2 seconds and then decided to go get food and slurpees. The hott dude that looks like Franky from MCR was like eating and margie was like stalking him and taking pictures. Funny. After that we went into FYE and Jared and Adam looked at random pornos and we talked about Weezer and Lynard Skynard and like Alice Cooper. Jared also showed me this band called Shooter Jennings and they were pretty cool. After that we went into spencers and played that shock game. It kept getting Jared. Then they looked at porn posters while margie and i just sort of walked around. Jared found this sticker that said support sex drugs and rock and roll and he kept talking about it. After that we went into Target again and basically we were being stupid. I believe after that we went into Dunhams. Yeah and then we were like walking around and Adam and I played Basketball. Jared and I looked at random guns and Margie and I talked about certain things that I probably shouldnt type right now. Adam and Jared both bought Turkey calls for no apparent reason and we left and they were doing the call thing out loud in the middle of the mall. After that we went to the penny thing where the penny swirls. They were fascinated by it. After that tey left and Margie and I talked and waited for her mom. Outside there were these two guys who were randomly shouting they were gay so margie and i and some random black guy neither of us knew were yelling at the guys to make out. they didnt. they said they would have a 15 dude gang bang though! Anyways, after her mom picked us up, we went to Walmart and Margie and I talked and then we went to Meijers and we were harrasing people about stickers and Asian Culture. After that we went back to walmart for like 5 minutes and some random dude was like dukes of hazzard!!! and had like 2 fingers. Then some dude looked like the monopoly dude if he wouldve had a monicle it wouldve been him. Then we went to mcdonalds and got ice cream. Margie and I were laughing the whole time because we had naughty thoughts that shouldnt have crossed our minds. Oh well.

Comment and youll make me happy.

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i love you [06 Jun 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | angry ]

When I got home today my mom and I went to get my hair cut. The lady that di it was really nice. My hair looks pretty rad. I even got new bangle bangs. Theyre rock star bangs! lol sorry. yeah after that we went to walmart and bought like a camera for the last day and stuff. And then after that we went to payless and got some shoes for the step up. After that we went to arbys. mmm. then when we got home and my dad was being a dick. And I think Ill only tell Margie and KT what he did.... :( They should get a divorce. My mom and dad fight all the time. I feel crappy right now. But at the same time good because I just stood up to my dad. He was doing something bad and i said hey! dont do that! and then yeah ill finish with margie and kt later but i feel proud of myself because my hatrid and everything like finally came out. I stood up to my dad after all these years of me wanting to say something to him. Ugh I hate him. I mean it. I hope my mom stops crying. I really need a fucking vacation. Theres too much like i dont know if its drama but its close to it but whatever it is theres too fucking much. Psh. SOMEBODY SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!

On the good note of this, That one special person keeps running through my head. The butterflies are worse then ever. Every time I think of him I start to smile so I know it'll be okay. i <3 him....awwwwww

Please Comment because I need it.


Just know that I'm right next to you <3 [06 Jun 2005|03:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Today was rad.

1st hour- Art was gfay and I had nothing to do so i went over to home ec and talked to margie and destroyed amanda grays binder.

2nd hour- Danielle and Ashely werent here today, so we couldnt work on our song, so we just sang that dumb christmas song and we did okay. We had to leave early for Field day. Then we went to the gym and sat by our teams. I got picked for tug of war. We won like 2 rounds out of 4. It was cool. Woz was like lecturing me on where to stand. We left and walked from our gym to williams township park.

Park- Well when we got there, we had to check in so the teachers knew we were there and then we were pretty much free to do whatever we wanted. I found Jay and we went and played Softball. I kept batting pretty good but Jay kept catching them all. I couldnt catch for shit today. Who knows why. Anyways, then after like an hour and a half they made us come eat. I didnt really feel like standing in line so I sat down and talked to KT, Margie, Maggie and Jay. Then this weird lady was like harassing me and i was like ahhh i dont know you. She kept saying remember me and I was like nooooo.... And then she hugged me and she was like Im Josh Sequins mom! And I was like okay... because for one I hate Josh and I hate his mom. She was always really mean. Plus I have no idea how she knows me that well to remember me and everything. So she like hugged me and I was like okay lady, I still dont know you very well and I dont like your son or you so get the fuck away from me. LAY OFF THE CRACK LADY! Psh after that Jay and I were supposed to go play kickball but we were having too much fun playing softball so we went back. This time we were on the same team. After that whole game finished we had one more game to play. We were both supposed to switch, but again we were having too much fun so we stayed there pretty much the whole day and played softball. It was rad. At the end of the whole thing we got popcicles. I got orange. mmm.
Then we walked back and I talked to Margie about certain people playing tug o war that looked extremely attractive.

Gym-When we got back, we went back in the gym and Courtney, Margie, Joely, KT, Maggie and I think Theresa all got in a circle and played like Bop it extreme or something. Then they dismissed team m and s and our retarded teachers made us stay for a while. So Amanda Kosnik, Kasey and I all practiced Napoleon moves and talked about how Jared Strawn shouldnt like the person he does. Psh shes a whore.

Bus- Listened to MCR. woot.

Well today was a pretty cool day.

Heres some lyrics to like the coolest song ever. Read them you'll be glad you did.

So much-The spill canvasCollapse )

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All my life Ive been trapped in a cage. [05 Jun 2005|05:29pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Well. Today was an interesting one. 

_ I woke up at around 9:30. Well actually i didnt wake up my mom woke me up. I had to finish cleaning my room considering we had a showing for the house in like 2 hours. Then I got ready to go to the beach. Kasey never called me back. It kinda pissed me off... anyways we went up to caseville and i got new batteries for my cd player so i listened to MCR the whole way up there. It was really hot and everything so I layed on the blanket and like tanned. My shoulders and my chest got pretty burnt. It hurts. The seagulls were horrible there. Some retarded people like left there food out in the open and i didnt want to get like crapped on by a seagull while i was tanning so i went and swam for a while. The water was pretty warm. I got pretty bored after about 2 and a half hours, so we decided to leave. Its a good thing we left when we did because it started to rain and hail really bad. My mom panics in storms so we had to pull over to like get out of the hail and everything. It got better after like 15 minutes. When we got home the radio people said there was a tornado warning for bay city so my mom started to panic again and made us go downstairs. Our power went out for like 2 seconds and then it went back on. Then Jay called me and like after that happened, the sun like came back out and stuff it was weird. Yeah anyways I just got off the phone with Jay. That was cool. AHHHH! As I type my lights are like going off and on... yeah. Maybe I should get off the computer. Psh well I need to take a shower and like get ready for tomorrow.


Oh and I had a really good dream last night... **Blush**

ahhh anyways field day is tomorrow. Joy.

If you dont comment killer seagulls will attack you.

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Torch Holder Torch Holder. <3 [04 Jun 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Ahhh! wow. I just got off the phone with Jay. Weve been talking since 9:20 and it is now 11:43. thats like 2 hours. I think he still likes me. He wants to see a movie with me still. Jay, if youre reading this, I um... yeah i still love you...That was like the coolest phone conversation. We talked about movies, barf, music, and Jay was like pretending to hit on my mom. It was rad. Hes so sweet. He said like he didnt want to hurt me and stuff. Ugh. I want him to hug me. Oh and margie, banana and dinos percents went down, especially after today... :\

Apperantly Im not going to the beach tomorrow. If it rains, we obviously wont go, but Kasey never called me back. Oh and Jay said he wanted to go camping with me. lol <3 But anyways, I get really bored when Im at the beach alone. Margies gone, and KT is celebrating her birthday. If we dont go, we have to go to Brandon Knopps graduation, which we were gonna blow off for the beach. That kid is pretty dumb but okay. I plan on talking to Jay on the phone tomorrow like most of the time so whatever.

We have a showing for the house tomorrow. I hope we sell it.

You know whats weird? You know how most people like meet the people they're gonna marry in highschool like highschool sweethearts? Yeah, well were going into highschool. Dont you find it weird that next year we might meet our future husbands/wifes? yeah. It is.

Well I think Im gonna go think about everything and i have like butterflies right now. I wanna go to sleep just so I can dream about things... <3333

Comment because I heart you.

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